Summer’s Approach

Summer is hovering in the wings, waiting its cue for center stage. All the signs are here:

Heat and humidity are on the rise.
The family is pestering Chet to open the pool.
And the kids feel the need to shed their clothes.
I don’t know what prompted Cayden’s nude display tonight, but I didn’t fight it. He accompanied us on a pre-dinner sunset stroll…  in the buff. We did urge him to “take cover!” when a random car appeared on the drive. He dropped down in the hay field; the grass is tall enough to conceal a kid. When the coast was clear, he popped back to his bare feet and streaked to the neighbor’s house.
Hadley discarded her dress but kept the Cinderella underwear and her brother’s Batman boots. 
Aboard Bugsy, she was just a garment shy of Lady Godiva… 
I didn’t mind. Nudity equals less laundry!