Go Fly a Kite

When I was a kid, kite flying was solely a beach activity, where both wind and unfettered space were abundant. At sunset Dad and I staked out an empty slice of sand and I’d pound down the shoreline, kite in hand, until Dad yelled, “okay, let it go.” The kite would hesitate, catching a huff of humid salt air, then make a few desperate dives before the wind finally stepped in. Dad would unspool the string and that kite would climb higher and higher. We’d marvel at how far it went… until it eventually made a suicide plunge into the ocean.

Our kids don’t have to wait for summer vacation. Wind is plentiful. So is the space, if you don’t mind the high grass itching your legs.

Monday was perfectly breezy so we broke out our dragon kite and set it free. Well, not totally free. We let it run on a long leash. And then we reeled it in again.