Covert Ops

I may not know everything that goes on in this house, but I’ve got a pretty good idea.
There’s always evidence. Everyone leaves prints.
A kitchen stool jammed up against the sink? Hadley’s been rooting around the snack shelf.
I can tell when the kids have used the bathroom. They always discard the hand towel on the floor.
A trail of magic marker dots on the fridge and floor tiles? That’s Brynn’s handiwork.
Last night I discovered that Martin had been using my laptop. I’d left it on the couch, carefully closed to ward off probing fingers. When the house quieted I collapsed on the couch and cracked open my computer. The screen flickered awake and a webpage filled the expanse.
I barely skimmed the words but zeroed in on the photo.
It was a picture of a school bus.
Not just any school bus.
A bus for sale on Craigslist. Right here.
I have to sale International DT 444 school bus it has 180xxx miles automatic transmission 6 brand new tires…
The seller was offering the 15-year-old bus for $4,500 and lived nearby. Certainly in shopping distance. I hit the back-arrow on Google to view Martin’s previous activity. Only one other Craigslist posting had been opened: another school bus. This one a ’91 model.
Last year Martin pined for an army truck — he tried to sell me on the practicality of a 2-ton military troop vehicle. That was bad enough. How had we escalated to bus?
“I shouldn’t have used your computer,” he admitted. “But I figured… if you wouldn’t let me buy an army truck… maybe you’d go for a bus instead…”