A New Look

As you can see, ye olde Funny Farm has a new look. A fresh, clean design thanks to Mike — of trunk troll & kid wrangler fame.

He deserves all the credit. (Hey Mike, are you reading this? You’re supposed to digest every pearl of wisdom I write. Hey… are you listening? Add your photo to the cast of characters. Get on that, will you?)

Okay, back to business. So Funny Farm nests in a shiny shellacked shell, but it’s still the same blog fueled by my acerbic observations, blase parenting, and Martin’s buffoonery that we all know and mock.

Just bear with me as I add content, update posts and kick life back into links. (Mike, some of these links don’t work.)

Please email me concerning any glitches and I’ll fix them. Well…someone will.

Feedback is always appreciated. So is sharing it with others. Actually, studies show that reading Funny Farm serves as an appetite suppressant, reduces male pattern baldness, and maximizes vehicle fuel efficiency. You’ll lose weight, your hair will be thick, and you’ll never have to fuel your car again.