Law of Martin


Bigger is always better. That’s Martin’s motto.

Rent the stretch SUV, he’ll say. Reserve the biggest hotel room.

Order the super-sized sub.

Buy the 64-ounce water bottle and pack the largest backpack possible.

(On a related note: more also is better. Take 2 multivitamins a day? Martin takes 4.) 

Based on this logic I should’ve discouraged his offer to replace my rain gauge — a plastic beaker that logged a couple inches at a time.

Martin said he’d get a new one.

And he did.

The Stratus RG202 Long Term Professional Rain and Snow Gauge.

Which is not a rain gauge but “a precision weather instrument manufactured to United States Weather Bureau specifications.”


Looks like a bong pipe to me


It measures rain or snow to the nearest 1/100th of an inch. Which is great–

–if I ever grow up to be a meteorologist.

The outer cylinder of the RG202 accommodates up to 11 inches of precipitation.


Martin, demonstrating rainfall


And that’s downright scary. Judging from past weather events, 6 inches will raise a creek in the basement. So if we’re at 11 inches of rain (which equals 110 inches of snow)…

…we’re in big trouble.

Big. Not better.