Look Out Cirque du Soleil….


Thou shall not mock thy spouse’s pain.

That’s a basic tenet of marriage. It’s the fine print below the “in sickness and in health” clause. You musn’t laugh at your partner’s distress. It’s just not nice.

But at times, it’s unavoidable.

Despite photos depicting otherwise, recently Martin has not been a happy camper. He’s got a history of come-and-go back pain and last week it returned. Finally, he submitted to an MRI and the results are in: two herniated discs.

He’s slated to visit an orthopedist but in the interim, he’s been seeking relief with a chiropractor, pain meds and anti-inflammatory drugs.

And most recently this:

Meet the Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Table.

The goal of this contraption: hang from your feet like a bat to allow “inversion therapy” to stretch your spine and alleviate vertebrae compression.

Martin’s new purchase arrived like a Lego kit… in a million pieces. He assembled it and I played test dummy. I leaned back and rotated head-down/feet-up while Martin tinkered with the knobs.

Then, the moment of truth. Martin locked his feet in place and leaned back against the platform. I retreated, brandishing my phone. Something told me to document Martin’s maiden voyage.

That something was right.

Note: Martin was not seriously harmed in the incident. No permanent damage except his pride.

And yes, I’m a lousy wife… recording instead of helping him.

The kids watched the video as well — Cayden and Brynn found it hilarious, while Hadley was horrified and upset by her dad’s distress. (Perhaps Hadley has truly shed her Barbarian shell.)

So is this an example of spousal neglect or Martin buffoonery? You be the judge.

Warning to viewers: the video contains profane language at the 30-second mark.