Just dessert


Dessert for breakfast isn’t a novel concept. Pancakes and waffles cornered that market ages ago. Jam and honey follow in lockstep.

Recently my neighbor Liz (also photographer and goat whisperer) dropped off a condiment that earns the top seed among morning toast spreads.

Apple pie in a jar.


Actually, Liz calls it jam” which sounds more breakfast-appropriate. But it is, simply, apple pie minus the crust.

This morning I popped open the lid and slathered the sugary apple slop on a toasted English muffin (already girded with several pats of butter).

Contents include craisins and Cameo apples.


It was cloyingly sweet, apple-filling bliss.

The cornerstone of any healthy breakfast.

(Note: Thick apple layer applied purely for photographic purposes. Oh, the sacrifices…)