Lazy Post: Waddie’s Last Run


Hadley, Halloween ’08


This isn’t a blog post about Halloween costumes.

It’s a post about one costume. One costume, singular. An outfit hastily purchased a day before Halloween.

At the time Cayden was 2 years old and Hadley, 4 days old. She was barely sprung from the hospital.

The holiday wasn’t on our radar and Cayden wanted to be a dinosaur. I pawed through Target’s ransacked aisle — a mountain of discarded costumes littered the floor. Enshrined in a plastic snap-bag I stumbled on a yellow-green dragon with limp wings. Close enough.

We didn’t take any photos of Cayden… we were too distracted by Hadley’s newborned-ness. I remember that Halloweeen was dark, blustery and frigid. I remember hunching over Hadley’s stroller, shielding her from the wind while Martin and Cayden ventured in the local community center. Given the option, the frosty temperatures seemed less threatening than a room full of germy kids.

Fast forward a year. Hadley donned her brother’s yellow-green costume. The following year she wore it again. By then we christened the outfit with a name.


Hadley, 1 year old, holding her own in Cayden’s cast off


Last year we shoved Brynn in the Waddie couture.

Halloween 2011: Hadley, Waddie and Cayden


And once again, this year.

If your’re counting that’s 5 appearances. Five out of seven Halloweens.

The outfit is equivalent to a favored Christmas ornament… a constant in the holiday season.

“My sister’s Waddie!” Hadley proudly proclaimed while trick-or-treating this year, shoving Brynn ahead of her.

“Oh, okay… that’s — nice,” most adults said, clearly vexed with this statement. They’d smile broadly, then shove an extra fistful of candy into Brynn’s bag.

Like a concession for being Waddie.

By the end of night Brynn could barely heft her loot. Once the kids were in bed, I eyed up the candy bags; Brynn pulled in twice as much as her brother and sister.

Maybe her bigger haul was due to Waddie. Perhaps due to her small-kid status.

All I know is that Waddie is part of our holiday tradition.

I don’t want to think about Halloween without him.


Waddie’s last hurrah