Christmas Parade


Last weekend we officially welcomed the Christmas season.

Not by hanging lights, buying a tree or opening the advent calendar.

No, we marked the season by throwing out the Halloween candy —

–in preparation for the next round of dental-decaying decadence.

Last Saturday we attended the Middleburg Christmas Parade. Here’s a blog post and photo, circa 2010, from prior trips.



This time the kids were amped for sweets. And the event delivered.

Partipants smiled, waved and hurled candy at the crowd. And no matter how sparse the offerings, every child in a 15-yard radius scoured the pavement, snatching for loose morsels.

Their body language? Desperate, as if to say, I might not ever eat again!

Over time the parade route narrowed dramatically. Kids inched from the curb until eventually, the sidewalk was empty. It was like a magnetized force — the kids drawn toward the double yellow line, seeking handouts. When a car or tractor approached, the parents reeled them back in. But they’d dribble into the road again.

Veterans, we came prepared with candy bags. (Note Cayden’s bag promoted the “Distilled Spirits Council of the United States.” That’s age appropriate.)


Our friends Jenn and Bill were there, too. They live in the hinterland known as Virginia.

Here’s Jenn, filling in as mother hen. Actually, she looks like a TV mom. Too happy. That’s not normal.


 The secret is in her cup. It ain’t coffee.

Anyway, the kids collected candy and other random freebies.

Toothbrush, anyone?


No Christmas parade is complete without Santa. This year he looked like he’d swallowed a bowling ball.

Or entered his third trimester.


There were plenty of dogs, horses and llamas (or alpacas, I can’t tell the difference). And hay wagons brimming with screaming kids waving between the slats.

It was a great parade, infectious with Christmas spirit.

And far from any shopping malls.