Quoth Hadley, today


From my position as hired help — chauffeur, cook, laundress — I’m ever present, yet oft forgotten by those I dutifully serve.

Yet as servant… I am privy to private conversations.

Let’s take this morning, shall we? As I donned my chauffeur cap — escorting young master Cayden, and her ladyship, Hadley, to their respective schools — I couldn’t help overhearing the conversation.

A heated disagreement ensued; Cayden accused his sister of lying.

You lied!

Hadley denied the claim while Cayden hammered it home. Like any dutiful servant intent on wage-earning, I feigned ignorance. Silently, I drove.

Hadley vehemently challenged her brother. As we arrived at school, she finally shouted,

Cayden! I am NOT a liar. Never call me that — I didn’t lie to you….  I only lie when I need to!


Well, there you go.

For an example of “need,”please refer to this blog post from July 27, 2011. (It also clarifies today’s photo…)

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