Brynn & Brewer’s Ball


I don’t use this blog to tout causes, or drum up charity dollars. And I’ve no plans to alter my policy.

But I’ll say this:

If you happen to stumble into Washington, DC, this Saturday at 7 pm — in cocktail attire — with a hankering to sample beers from microbreweries… then swing by the DC Brewer’s Ball at the National Building Museum. Bring a friend and $130 each. Proceeds from the event benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Rarely do I mention cystic fibrosis — it is not funny blog fodder. But it is a part of Funny Farm; Brynn has CF.

Google “cystic fibrosis” and you’ll read that it’s a genetic, chronic illness in which thickened mucus affects the lungs and digestion. (Learn more here.) Symptoms and severity vary; generally speaking, lung function diminishes with age.

What does that mean for Brynn? We’ll see. For now, her daily routine includes oral enzymes to replace pancreatic shortcomings; an hour of chest percussion therapy to loosen the mucus in her lungs; and frequent, vaporized medications delivered via nebulizer.

Here’s Brynn, fitted with her nebulizer mask and “thumping” vest. (If she wasn’t tethered to a power source, she’d receive daily therapy aboard Bugsy…)





From Brynn’s perspective, it’s just a part of life. So don’t feel sorry for her. (If anything, pity her siblings. Tonight I discovered Hadley, dodging a clubbing. Hadley cowered, while her baby sister — clad in high heels and brandishing a riding crop — declared, “I’m Brynnzilla, dammit!”)

(Christ Brynn, the language….)

There’s no doubt: Brynn has Jack Russell-tenacity. And perhaps she needs that fervor to tackle future health challenges.

In the meantime I’m not asking you to commit financially to CF research. But if you must donate to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, I won’t stop you.

And if you’re in DC on Saturday, I’d recommend the Brewer’s Ball.

Otherwise, I’ll send Brynn your way. And she doesn’t tolerate excuses…