Snow Bust




Flushing ice cubes down the toilet did the trick: the kids landed a snow day.

Technically, a snow day but more of a hype day. High probability of 7 to 14 inches, crowed forecasters. We fueled up the tractor, hitched the snow blade, bedded stalls, restocked firewood…

And for what?

A couple inches of slush, glued to the grass. So lame!


Unrelated update: In Randolph news I spotted our cheeky fox, taunting the dog at 3 am. With Maisie in the mudroom and the fox seated on the lawn, just a storm door separated the two. Randolph issued his sharp yelp while Maisie volleyed a string of indignant barks.

I got a good look at Randolph, who cocked his head but stayed put as I walked out. Then I opened the porch gate. In a spray of snow and mud, fox and dog disappeared in the dark.