On Display



On the final day of our ski trip, we gathered our gear, vacated the rental house, and spent the day kicking around Park City. We ducked into shops and scanned restaurant menus, taking notes for the next vacation.

In our wanderings, we stumbled on the Kimball Art Center on Park Ave.

Most art galleries and exhibits are not well received by the kids. Usually, the three of them hastily scan the walls and speed-walk the halls. Then, they cluster by the door like anxious dogs, restlessly waiting to go outside to pee.


This time, the kids did not behave this way. They froze in the gallery entrance and stared.

The exhibit, entitled “The Art of the Brick,” was constructed entirely from Lego pieces.






At last, we found a gallery that interested the kids. Maybe a little too much.

More than ever, I found myself shouting, “Don’t touch!”