Cloaked and content…


Another Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival, come and gone. (For details on the festival, see last year’s post here.)



Due to social conflicts, we blitzed the sheep show on Saturday — we breezed through the tents and pavilions and skipped the main events. We missed the “grand lamb cook-off,” and the “sheep and wool skill-a-thon.” We bailed on the crowning of the lamb and wool queen and princess.

We did, however, find time to wolf down lamb gyros, lamb kabobs, corn dogs and cotton candy.

Hands down, the family-food consumption award goes to Brynn, who singlehandedly polished off a platter of cheese fries.

Not too surprising, given Brynn’s penchant for grilled-cheese sandwiches, garnished with a wedge of soft cheese and few slices of cheddar on the side…