The Nitty-Gritty Update



Do you know how the scenery passes in a blur, from a moving car? By the time your brain registers — hey, what did that sign say? — it’s already history. Shrinking in the rearview mirror.

Lately, that’s been my life — zipping along at 65 miles per hour. 

And the blog can’t keep pace. 

So consider this post a sum-up — itemized in no particular order.

For starters:

1. We bought a house. Another house. A new one. Well… new to us. But the farm ain’t going nowhere. It’s still a primary blog cast member. More on  that later.

2. Brynn is no longer a toddler, according strict dictionary terms. She’s 3 years old. Which is a somewhat insignificant milestone. I guess she’s a little closer to legally driving. Thirteen years and counting.



Wardrobe, courtesy of Marianne & Mike


3. We celebrated Brynn’s birthday and Memorial Day with construction of a tree house and installation of a zip line.

To view an initial crash test of the zip line, check out the following short video clip: “Catching air.”

And yes, that is a crib mattress bungeed to a telephone pole. (And no, readers who receive Funny Farm via email, I don’t know how to embed the video in a message.  Try clicking here, or type into your web browser. Good luck.)

4. Despite the fact that the tree house is semi-constructed and void of safety rails, no one has suffered a major injury. The only one recovering is yours truly — and not from a tree-house tumble. I attempted to field a softball with my head. Typically, a gloved hand is the preferred tool for stopping a ball, but I misjudged a hard hit to centerfield. Initially, the injury was camouflaged by hair but the bruising has since migrated to the eye region. I look like a battered wife.  Sorry, folks, no pictures for you.

Let’s see…house…birthday…zip line… idiotic softball error… what else…

Oh yes. The invite.

5. Recently, we received a “save the date” invitation for a fall wedding. Groovy…

…except that the bride and groom aren’t remotely familiar to either of us. Who are you people?

It’s not a postal service error. And Martin and I have scrutinized your card, we’ve combed your wedding website for clues and studied the “how we met” links. We are stumped.

If you are reading this and you’ve invited us to your November wedding:

Who are you??

Please, let us know. Post a comment, send an email, something.

If you opt to stay silent, that’s okay too. You’re inked onto the calendar.

You guys? We wouldn’t think of missing your special day….