My Great Escape


Mom and I are embarking on a mother-daughter getaway. It’s not the typical retreat. We aren’t lounging around a spa, booking stone massages or cucumber facials.

Nope, we are bound for Beirut, via Istanbul. (In fact I’m tapping this on my phone as I  board what promises to be an 11 hour flight on Turkish Airlines. Then a 4 hr layover before the final leg to Lebanon. I miss my laptop…. While I am away, Martin will hold down farm and fort; perhaps he’ll guest-post a bit.


In the meantime — whilst I’m kicking back — if you’re hankering for a first-hand glimpse at violent protests and general unrest (confused by this reference? Google Istanbul amd news) –you’re welcome to visit Martin.  I’m sure, after he’s weathered a few days of kids and critters on his own… he’ll be doning riot gear, too.