Interloper of interest



About a week ago, Martin beckoned me to the mudroom with the all-too familiar, “Come here, you gotta see this!”

“What?” I asked, wading through mudroom debris. I kicked damp pool towels and discarded shoes from my path.

“Look,” Martin said, pointing at something.


Nothing seemed noteworthy.

“Right there. Look!”

I peered closer, still blind to the wonder. I sized up the windowsills, clogged with dirt and cobwebs. An underutilized broom. A stack of dirty saddle pads, stalled midway between barn and washing machine.

But the more Martin gestured — and the more I leaned in and looked — the more panicked I became.

Because nothing look-worthy, and pleasant, “pops up” in the mudroom.

Mouse and vole guts are deposited in the mudroom.

Unidentifiably poop winds up in the mudroom.

Mud accumulates in the mudroom.

Nothing good ever “appears” in the mudroom.

“Gah!” I finally screamed, bolting for the kitchen and slamming the door behind me.

But eventually, curiosity prevailed and I snuck back.

And I spied it… clinging to the broom handle.


Readers, meet Eumorpha pandorus:





Also known as Pandora sphinx moth. Coolest moth ever.

Pandora sphinx doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, but “army camouflage moth” opens the google floodgates.

Frankly, wikipedia’s description is pretty ho-hum. But couple this moth’s size with its tri-toned hue…

And it makes for a cool creature.

Better than rodent innards.