Kids and Forage


File this post under “kids grow up so fast” category.

Actually, I hate when people say that.

And trust me, they say that a lot.

Not as a declarative but as a warning. As in, “Oh, enjoy those cute kids of yours, because it all goes by soooo fast….” And then the person pats Brynn on the head and adds, “and this one’s such a little cutie…”

And I want to say: “Hey! Are you one of those morons who tries petting zoo animals between the bars because they’re so cute? Are you one of them? Don’t touch that kid — she might bite off a digit!”

But I never say that. I just nod appreciably and say, “Oh gosh I know, they do grow up so fast….”

And then I silently will that person to get a flat tire….


Anyway, back to kids & forage.

Every summer the hay fields around us rise from ankle-itching depths to waist-high waves of stems and seeds. Next door, Chet and Paula always round-bale their field (yes, I used “round bale” as a verb…)

And there’s something about those mammoth servings of livestock sustenance — scattered in bristly pasture — that draw us out of the woodwork. One neighbor, who trains Labrador Retrievers, always calls his dogs to bound atop the bales. The barn cats slink out to investigate. And our kids venture out and scramble aboard.

This year I took some photos and dug out past pictures.

This one’s from June, 2008. Cayden was 2 years old, and on my hip that’s Hadley, 8 months…



Here’s present day. Mind you, this picture isn’t staged. There must be something about a round bale that screams, “push me!”




Back to ’08, Cayden and baby Hadley




And the two of them today.




Except that now there’s three. Remember, the little cutie? Don’t be fooled… never stick your fingers through the bars of her cage…


Left to right: Brynn, 3, Hadley, 5 and Cayden, 7



While the kids were getting into position and I warmed up my camera, Hadley spotted a bug and expressed concern.




Without missing a beat Cayden told her not to worry, adding “it’s just a blood-sucking arthropod…”




Good one, Cayden….