Beach Week 2013


Hey there, folks. We have just returned from our annual family beach vacation.

And you heard it here first:┬áThere are still remote outposts around the world, tucked away, beyond the internet’s ‘tendrilous reach.

Like our vacation house on Martha’s Vineyard.

Normally, I blame Funny Farm silence on technological limitations. But this time, no fib. We rented a newer house — a spacious, contemporary home with ocean views, privacy, and great beach access.

And a tenuous web connection.


That’s a good thing if you’re trying to unwind.


But no so favorable when it comes to blogging.

So what have we learned from this summer? What’s the take home message?

Well, we’ve learned that Beirut offers better internet service than some American beach rentals.

Then again, you’re less likely to be kidnapped by Syrian rebels on Martha’s Vineyard…

There’s always a silver lining.