Sticky Fingers



Lots of vineyards and wineries give away stemware. You know the deal — pay for a vineyard tour or for festival admission, and you get a free glass to take home.

Generally speaking, bars and restaurants are less enthusiastic about doling out glassware.

Which is why — if you want it — you gotta take it.

Like these fine pint glasses I acquired last weekend.


Martin and I were celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary with a weekend away, and our drinks came in these glasses. And I had to have them. I loved the hound.

So, yea, I might have pinched them (given the drink prices, I feel like we bought them…).

Anyway, I’m pretty sure that restaurants account for a certain amount of loss due to theft and breakage.

And I’m not sure it’s stealing when the bartender knows you’re doing it. And trust me, he knew. There were only four people seated at the bar. The absence of a glass, then another, then another — was pretty obvious. He heard the clink as they piled by my feet.

And frankly, I’m probably doing the restaurant a favor by taking the glasses. It’s free advertising. We entertain all the time and I’ll use those glasses. And I’m sure someone will say, “Hey, nice pint glasses… where’d you get them?”

And I’ll say, “Aren’t they cool? I took them from this nice place in Middleburg. But I can’t remember the name…”

So what have we learned today?

Restaurant owners: include name and logo on your glasses. 

Or, be sure to stock really ugly barware, that no one will ever want to take. Not this…


Here are a couple of prior “acquisitions,” pulled from the kitchen cabinet.

I don’t remember this one. Must be a Martin heist:


And this gem is from the millennium celebration in Sydney. We lugged it to Tasmania, then Perth, then back to Sydney, and finally home. It’s one well-traveled glass.