Flat-line! Quick, grab the paddles…


I’ve got the defibrillator. Time to jump-start Funny Farm again.

I’m still around, wolfing down eggs and blitzing my cholesterol level. Drag-racing¬†Pigpen and racking up speed-camera violations. Mucking stalls and chasing the dog, cats and kids out of the house. Same old stuff.

So it’s time to write something. And I plan to do just that.



In the meantime, I’m posting a few photos from Halloween, which is appropriate since I’m pawing through the kids’ candy collections. It’s official: they are out of Butterfingers. And I suspect that the peanut butter cups are not long for this world…


Anyway, here’s the gang last Thursday night, pre-sugar rush….



After trick-or-treating, we hit the community party. Here’s Martin, in the midst of mummification…



By 8:10 pm that was it. Party over!