Winter dregs


These are my final snow snaps of the season (I hope) and while they’re a little dated, up they go anyway.

(With yesterday’s summertime temps, it seemed idiotic to post these. But today, not so much).


Ten days ago


The following photos fall into the category of “lessons learned.”

Cayden’s lesson:


Towing your sister across a hayfield and up a ridge — while noble —¬†




…is a pain in the ass.



Hadley’s lesson (or her message to the world):


Winter is just a state of mind.


Summer fashion need not wait.


Then there’s Brynn’s lesson:

That one’s a¬†wildcard. It has nothing to do with winter.

And everything to do with nuts.

A few days ago while shopping at Home Depot, Martin discovered that Brynnzilla loves peanuts. Martin was preoccupied with his purchase, but eventually noticed that Brynn was snarfing down her handful of peanuts. “I love these,” she announced between bites.

Martin observed her silently before offering a bit of advice:

“You might love them more if you take the shells off first and eat just the nuts…”