L.A. Immersion


On our four-day trip to California, Hadley got a real taste of LA. A veritable Southern Cal sampler.

On the menu? Standard fare:

Beach time at Granny’s pad.



Surf lesson. (Thanks, Gillian’s husband Chad).



Plenty of farm market perusing followed by gluttonous strawberry consumption.



Couldn’t avoid Disney…. Hadley loved it. I survived it.



And finally, what’s more So Cal than Beverly Hills, botox and beach bums?

Earthquakes, of course.

One arrived early Monday morning — a little 4.4 tremor. (The kid slept through it.)



I was awake and it took a moment to realize that high tide wasn’t to blame for the clattering glass and rumbling walls. That said, I didn’t dive for cover under my bed. (See screen shots from the local news during the quake. Where’d everybody go? Oh…there they are…)











And now we’re back home. It’s so good to be back; I missed the frigid nights, the wind and the mud.

PS: Thanks, Uncle Bill, for scoring the Disney tickets. And to the motley crew pictured below: it was great hanging out!


My cool cousins, Stu & Peter, and good friend, Gillian