A new term for insanity



In Australia’s Northern Territory, in Darwin, there’s a term for moodiness spurred by the city’s extreme heat and humidity. During the hottest months — when temperatures and humidity pace one another in the 90s — people “go troppo.” They become aggressive and angry due to the oppressive, sweltering heat.

Well, it’s possible that I’m going troppo due to other weather extremes. Call it snow psychosis: irritability and aggression sparked by excessive amounts of white s&*# falling from the sky.

Or maybe it’s “precipitable peevishness”? It doesn’t help that I’m house-bound with Brynnzilla, who’s on spring break. That’s right, spring break.

So what’s the solution to snow psychosis?

I’m taking a page from the Aussies who live in the Top End. In the past, Darwin has been pegged as the city with the highest┬áper capita beer consumption in the world.

And a six pack sounds like a soothing salve for snow psychosis and tomorrow’s affliction: mud mania.


Scenes from Darwin’s annual Beer Can Regatta