This Week in Pictures




It’s been a long week, punctuated by doctors appointments, weather events and minor flooding, and I’m too tired to compose anything literary. So for you faithful Funny Farm followers, here are a few images recapping the week:

Martin and the kids continued their Mother’s Day tradition of planting a new berry bush in our garden. This year they added more raspberries and strawberries.






On Tuesday night another monster storm tore through the area. A weather event that’s typical in August, not May — a real gully-washer. Not to be confused with Thursday’s gully-washer. Here are Martin and Hadley, watching as it closed in.




And finally, notable this week: I dyed my hair.


I’ve been calling it “midlife crisis mauve,” but truthfully, my reasons for doing this are pretty mundane. I tinted my locks like an Easter egg because I felt the need for a change.  I wanted to shake things up… and the tattooist in town had the day off. Kidding, Mom.

It’ll wash out. Eventually.



Okay, so that’s it! Hope to see you local readers at the Potomac Hunt Races this Sunday.

Otherwise, stay tuned for a brand new episode of Funny Farm next week.