A Gary Larson Moment


I know that it’s not nice to mock other people…

But sometimes it’s fun.

Last week a few of Martin’s coworkers were in town for business, and they stopped by the farm.

Martin gave them the ten-cent tour, including a courtesy gator spin around the neighborhood.

I didn’t have my camera handy when they departed — 4 businessmen, dressed down and wedged in the gator — a billowing cloud of gravel dust in their wake.

But I snapped a couple of pictures when they returned, cutting across our pasture. And the scene reminded me of a Gary Larson, Far Side cartoon–

–or rather, a Gary Larson-esque caption:

“Shhhh, if you’re very quiet… you might see the elusive businessman, dressed down, and straying from his natural habitat…”


 Look, here’s a herd of them now….



Here they are again, interacting with a quadruped….


Okay folks, consider this blog post a palate cleanser. More funny-farm-appropriate thoughts to come (once we build an ark and float out of this rain-soaked scene….)