Ode to The Dress


Rarely does this blog served as a fashion forum. But this week we’re saying goodbye to a veteran of the kids’ closet .

Well… if they had a closet.

The Dress. An unassuming but perfect piece of child couture. 

It’s a juvenile version of the little black dress — a versatile, plaid frock, suitable for any occasion.

It was a hand me down before we inherited it. And it’s been in heavy rotation for five years. Since Hadley first donned it at 18 months old.



By the time she’d grown out of it, Brynn was ready to slip it on.


Scrolling through my photo library, The Dress surfaces in oodles of images.

Why is it so great? Well, it’s classic preppy, quasi-dressy & quasi-casual (Tommy Hilfiger, for you label conscious readers). And it’s impervious to stains. Food tries to latch on, but The Dress repels edible products in Kevlar fashion.

I thought that Brynn would don the dress for another season, but she retired it. She saw me assembling a bag of hand me downs for a friend, and Brynn told me to add The Dress. “My hands don’t fit in the pockets anymore,” she said.

I felt a faint pang for this ever-present swatch of plaid fabric.

But The Dress will carry on its mission: clothing another kid — and repelling ketchup blobs and melted ice cream, in a single bound.