Mission Accomplished


Close the books on Xtreme Hike 2014.

We came, we saw, we hiked. I have the blisters to prove it.

I’m not sure whether we hiked 21 or 22 miles — we had to retrace our steps along a mis-marked portion of the trail — but Martin and I completed the trek in about 10.5 hours.


We were not front-runners. We finished toward the back of the pack. But we made it.

The crew of Xtreme Hikers set out in the dark at 5 am. Two hours later we watched the sun rise from our vantage on the trail.



Though the hike wasn’t a timed event, you couldn’t ignore the pressure to push on and finish fast. I stopped just a few times to snap a picture or two.



And there was another motivating factor, another carrot dangling on the stick:

Complementary beer at the finish line at Devils Backbone Outpost Brewery.



Not to mention killer-good pulled pork barbecue. The best ever. Even Maisie tucked into a plate.

And she deserved it after hiking oodles of miles, and taking one for the team (she was stung repeatedly when she crossed a ground bees’ nest).

She earned a pulled pork platter.



And then she promptly passed out while we guzzled beer and nursed our sore feet.



Many thanks to the 46 hikers, our support staff, sponsors, and everyone who contributed to this event!