Family footwear, freshly polished.

Consider this a blog reboot.

It has been 35 days since my last post.

I could wend my way back into the blog with December news, which consists of a casualty list: Martin’s knee swelled up like a cantaloupe (Lyme disease): Jazz bucked me off while fox hunting (bruising my pride and my tailbone); and Maisie sliced open two legs while running near razor-sharp roofing supplies (many stitches later, she’s fine).

But I’m not going there. I’m gonna pick up where I left off: with the barn roof.

Keep your eyes peeled for follow-up roofing photos Friday. We’ll regroup then.


But before I sign off — in blog-related news — Cayden dropped the following bombshell this afternoon:

“Hey Mom, I read your blog at school today.”

I nearly drove off the road.

What? I asked. How did you read my blog?

“I got done early with my Chromebook. I had extra time.”

How’d you find it?

“I googled ‘Funny Farm.’ It was pretty easy to find.”

I didn’t know what to say. I felt…


And transparent. Exposed. I wanted to say: don’t read my blog! 

But I couldn’t explain why. I couldn’t say that my mother reads my blog — and that’s bad enough — and I’m not ready for my 9 year old to monitor my musings. 

I didn’t know what to say. Except “Oh.”

Oh, in a flat, noncommittal tone.

I liked those featured blog posts,” Cayden continued. “‘Baking Memories’? I liked reading that. And ‘Power to the Sheeple’? That’s a good one, too.”

Oh, I said, weakly. Well… thanks.

“And the cast of characters. I liked that.”

Well, I need to update that link, I explained, somewhat apologetically. Got to make a note to do that.

I just wanted to conversation to be over. End. This. Discussion.

Cayden must’ve registered my reticence, because he wrapped up his review with a verbal pat on the back: “Well, you’ve got 13 new readers for sure.”

Thirteen? I said quizzically.

“Yea! Half of my class. They were reading over my shoulder!”

Great. Third graders. My target audience.

(Cayden, if YOU or your brethren are reading this right now, do something else! Google “Civil War history,” or “presidential trivia.” Feel free to look up”brethren,” as well.)