To Peter



This blog post is dedicated to Peter Hitchen, who passed away today.

I thought about writing a “here’s to you” entry in remembrance of Peter, with quotes and anecdotes in honor of his memory. But they’d be like quips in a high school yearbook: too inside baseball (or in this case, inside fox hunting) and inconsequential to most readers.

And taken out of context, they’d probably sound sexual or perverted–

–which is how Peter would want them to be.





In my very first job out of college, while working at a community newspaper, the managing editor cautioned me to never use the word “unique.”

“I don’t want to see the word ‘unique’ in an article,” she told the staff. “It isn’t descriptive, it’s a cop out. It doesn’t give the reader any details about a person or a situation.”

For 20 years I’ve hung on to that advice and have abstained from using that word in conversation or in print.

Until now.

I just don’t know how else to describe someone unparalleled and like no other.

Peter, you were utterly and entirely unique.

And we miss you already.