The blog is back!



After 5 months of inactivity, “Funny Farm” is back.

(Is anyone still out there?)

Back in March when I quit the blog, I was smothered by commitments. Something had to give. And Funny Farm was an obvious choice for the chopping block.

Through the spring and summer, a few people asked what had happened, or when I’d post again. Mostly, I shrugged off their requests.

But then a certain individual prompted me to reconsider. The one person who shouldn’t be reading this blog:

Cayden, my 9 year old.

It was last week, while we were on vacation — staying at my grandmother’s beach house in California. That morning the house was quiet, with just the sounds of the waves and the occasional clink of a spoon against a cereal bowl. That’s when Cayden simply said,

“Mom, I think that this is a good time to bring the blog back again.”

I don’t know why this was a catalyst. Maybe it’s the way he said it. Not as a request, but as a statement.

So…┬áhere we go again!