Yippie! A new toy


“Howdy, folks. Thanks for joining our show. So… what do we have behind door number one? What have our contestants won??”

“That’s right! It’s a brand, new boiler!”


“Not just any boiler. It’s a MegaSteam, oil fired boiler. Fun for the whole family! Forget those mindless TV shows and video games: now the kids can sit in the cellar and watch the boiler… do whatever it does… Imagine listening to those radiators hiss and burble. Not to mention the added benefit: a heated home!”

“Guaranteed years of entertainment!”

..Or until the warranty on parts and labor expires.

Postscript: Last night we took the new boiler for a spin and this morning, awoke to a cold house. The radiators weren’t singing a note.¬†As I write this, the repair/service guy is banging and clanging, and muttering something about air in the line. Apparently, we need a tigerloop.

Already, the toy’s a dud.