Hairy Day

IMG_3675 (1)

There are a few hard-and-fast rules to horse clipping:

  1. Never clip a dirty coat.
  2. Always use sharpened blades.
  3. Allow plenty of time.

I violated those rules today.

Actually, I attemptedĀ rule 2; I replaced my heavy-duty clippers with new blades. And commenced cutting.

Jazz made his feelings about the project abundantly clear:

Touch me with those things and I’ll take out a kneecap.

I didn’t plan for such truculence. And, with slim pickings in the barn medicine cabinet, I pulled the bottle of tranquilizer.

Jazz’s response:

Wow, I am sleepy… but touch me with those things, and I’ll take out a kneecap.

I’d allotted just 60 minutes for this chore (see rule 3). Desperate for results, I plugged in the little clippers fitted with dull, rusty blades.

A ridiculous prospect.

I had 10 minutes to work before I checked my watch and thought: Time’s up! Everyone, put your pencils down…

The school day was done.

Horse people, here’s what happens when you ignore rules 1, 2 and 3:


Look, I attacked Jazz with a paint scraper.


Fortunately, there’s always a chance to follow rule #4:

If at first you don’t succeed… sedate, sedate again.