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Last week’s post wasn’t very cheerful. And this one isn’t much better. On Friday, it seemed that Brynn had dodged a hospital admission. And Hadley’s fractured hand only needed a splint.

Well, their luck ran out today.


This morning an orthopedist promptly set Had’s arm in a cast. And few hours later, I shuttled Brynn once again to Hopkins — to address her persistent cough — and the doctors recommended admission.

Brynn  faces 7 to 14 days of hospitalization for IV antibiotics, PT, possible bronchoscopy and other procedures, to be determined.IMG_2092

Hadley will be hindered by her cast for 4-6 weeks, but she was far more distressed about Brynn’s situation. While Brynn waited for a bed to open on the pediatric floor, ER doctors and nurses got to work on her treatment. They hooked antibiotics to her IV line and checked her pulse-ox and vitals. In the meantime, Brynn used my cell phone to update her brother and sister back at home; both dissolved into tears. So there was Brynn, tethered to needles, meds, monitors and constant prodding, and she was the one consoling her siblings. “I miss you too, Hadley. Don’t cry. Please don’t cry. I’ll come home soon. Hey, I have a needle stuck in my arm the whole time… No I’m ok. Is that Cayden crying too? Put him on the phone.”

It’s now midnight and I headed home to gather some clothes and toys for Brynn, snag three hours of sleep and then head back to Hopkins.

For day two.