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This is where I should post my bio. I’m supposed to talk about myself, my writing and how I started Funny Farm.┬áBut ug…what a chore. Instead I’m just going to field a few questions received via email.

Q: Who are you?

A: My full name is Joanne Meszoly, but aside from my immediate family, most people call me Jo. I’m 41 years old (ouch, that hurt). I am a sometimes-freelance writer and I blog about my family and our small farm in Maryland. We’ve owned this property for 13 years so we’re newcomers. People still call our home “Woody’s house,” in reference to a previous owner.


Q: Do you have a working farm?

A: No, we don’t raise anything here but kids (and after this batch, we’re done). We own a little more than 10 acres, which isn’t sufficient for crops, but horses and sheep graze the fields. We do have a few apple trees, grapevines and berry bushes. And a bumper crop of poison ivy.


Q: Are all of your anecdotes true?

A: Yup. No fabricated stories or composite characters. Posts are without embellishment and the quotes are verbatim (though you’ll find my acerbic tone injected here and there.) The only alterations relate to time or date. I allow myself some latitude with deadlines so yesterday’s story might be several days old.


Q: A lot of things go wrong. Are you guys really that inept?

A: Yea, we are. We make a lot of mistakes. But frequently we get things right — at times the kids are angelic and the dog doesn’t run away. But who wants to read about that?


Q: Wow, you seem lax about safety. Is that something you should highlight?

A: Probably not. See previous answer.


Q: Poor Martin! Does your husband get tired of being mocked on the blog?

A: Mom, you’re not allowed to ask questions here.


Thanks for reading Funny Farm!

Final note: If you identify any glaring errors or typos, feel free to contact me. I welcome any editorial suggestions or corrections. Just don’t expect me to whittle down my comma count. I can’t help, but use, lots of commas, when I write.


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  1. Natch
    Sep 16, 2015 @ 08:08:24

    I have heard that you are an excellent softball player, for a girl. Is that true?


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