Border Collie Substitute

If you don’t have your trusty Border Collie around, there are other alternatives to sheep herding…

…like employing a saggy-diaper-clad, flip-flop wearing toddler with a Star Wars clone mask.

When the sheep sized up this filthy, cranky two year old, they jumped to action.

After a while, Cayden wandered out with a Nerf gun and an old Halloween mask; Brynn quickly disarmed him and left in pursuit of her quarry.

What she lacked in canine speed, Brynn matched with determination. She hunted down the sheep until they finally relented and turned for their pen.

Throwing her best Border Collie stare 

We all learned tonight: there’s a new sheriff in town…

Speed Freaks in Training

Remember this photo? You should…it was posted last week.

Brynn’s reaction to my “swift” driving style.

Actually, the kids don’t want me to slow down. Sometimes they urge me to go faster.

“Go Mom, go, go…go Mom,” they chant from the backseat. I push the pedal until I can barely hear them over the wind. The seat belts start flapping and loose papers and wrappers are sucked out the window. “Hold on tight!” Brynn shouts when we hit a sharp bend in the road.

Hold on tight. It’s all about preparation. And with that in mind, the kids have taken it to a new level.

I’m not sure who was first with the bike helmet. But I get the message: “If there’s a crash landing, we’re ready.” (And Brynn’s going out like a rock star.)

I like to say that Hadley has more faith in my driving. Bareheaded and blissfully sacked out. But the fact is, we only own two bike helmets for three kids.

She probably drew the short straw on this trip.

Lead Foot

Martin says that I drive like a maniac. Like a bat out of hell. Like my hair is on fire.

I like to say that I’m an efficient driver.

I want to reach my desination. Quickly.

So what if I catch some air….bend an axle here and there… it’s not my fault. I’ve got to stay focused on the bottom line:

To shave a few minutes off of my optimum time.

Since the kids are frequent passengers, they’re accustomed to my breezy pace. But when I glanced back at Brynn today, I abandoned any plans for a new land-speed record.

She didn’t speak a word but something about her said, “slow down”….