Happy Friday Visual

Our friend Mike Johnson was recently hanging out and shot this time lapse video from the deck.

Check it out; the passing planes look like shooting stars.

And thanks, Mike. I dig the ethereal music, by the way.

Have a good weekend, everyone!

Break out the pots & pans


Nine o’clock last night was that “uh oh” moment. When the rain fell so hard, it obscured the satellite and blacked out the TV. And we realized that the roar outside wasn’t wind-related. It was from the force of the rain.

You can love an old farm house, but that house won’t love you back.

And affection doesn’t plug the porous leaks in worn out, wood siding. It certainly doesn’t change the direction of a storm… one that The Post said was fueled with circulation larger than “the mesocyclone of a typical supercell.”

What’s that in English? Approximately 5.2 inches of rain, delivered sideways, in mere hours.

Hurricane Sandy was the last time that we witnessed a similar event…. and since then, clapboard replacement has been all talk and no action.

As in 2012, last night’s rain permeated the north-west side of the house and dripped steadily from the ceiling in my office, the attic, and spots in the bathroom and spare bedroom.

Out came the pots, trash cans, plastic storage containers and towels. Some of the roaming drips were impossible to corral.

Even after the rain ceased, the scene was depressing: furniture shoved hastily out of the way, and a hodge-podge collection of buckets, scattered over several rooms.

I’ll think about that tomorrow, I thought in Scarlett O’Hara fashion, as I retired to bed.

But tomorrow is now today. And today’s forecast is foreboding.

Heavy rain from Joaquin is on the way.



What’d you miss? Mites and more


There’s no way to rehash the could’ve-been blog posts from recent months. But here are a few events and observations that come to mind. In no particular order:

*I completed 3,000 pushups in 30 days.

*Jazz and I helped with crowd control at the Potomac Hunt Races. Anxiety fueled Jazz’s flop sweat in the opening parade.

 Hunt Races


*Pigpen (our aged car) shed some interior bolts and other parts of questionable importance.

*Cayden, Hadley and Brynn participated in school recitals, riding lessons, pony club, baseball, softball, and drama club.

*At one point, I wore the same clothes for three days.

*Martin found a decomposing raccoon in the hayloft.

*I trailered Rocky home from a riding lesson, driving a truck with a flat tire and an empty fuel tank.

*Cayden met Zeb Hogan, host of Nat Geo’s “Monster Fish.”


*I found a starved dog, dumped on the road.

*My insomnia ran amok. I quit Ambien, then took it up again.

*We discovered that barn swallows shed bird mites when they are nesting.

*The kids slept in a tent in the yard, until a storm nearly blew them away.

*My friend Sarah competed in a sidesaddle race and placed 2nd.


*I opened the mailbox one day and found a field mouse staring back at me.

*We plotted several farm improvements but accomplished none of them.

*Cayden and Hadley learned to surf.

*I treated Hadley’s infected toe using the horses’ Ichthammol, per my veterinarian’s instructions.

*Maisie stayed at a nice hotel with us.


*Martin considered removing a wasps’ nest by grabbing it with gloved hands, and stuffing it into a trash bag. He changed his mind when I started videoing the event.

*I cleaned out my mom’s freezer and threw out cans with sell-by dates from 15 years ago.

*I quit the blog and picked it up again.