Lazy Post: Winter Prep


This is a lazy post… based only on my writing effort.

There’s nothing lazy about this photo.


Hadley, eyeing the remaining pile


Stacking firewood is a family affair and we’ve still got another cord to go.

But we are ready for wicked weather.




And by my estimation, we’ll be able to see out the windows again in mid-January….




New resident


Meet “Jazz,” a recent addition to the farm.

He’s my new project horse.


Jazz is a 4-year-old OTTB (an “off the track Thoroughbred.”) He’s Kentucky-bred and the offspring of respectable bloodlines. But when the starting gate opened, he never delivered.

His race record? Abysmal. Eleven starts and one paltry win. Plenty of 9th, 10th, and 12th-place finishes. Running fast wasn’t in the cards. Now we’ll see if he can succeed in a new career.


A new career, beyond eating…


With Jazz’s arrival, we are officially booked up. There’s no vacancy at the farm.

We’ve got 5 horses, 5 sheep, 5 cats and 1 Border Collie.

And 1 Border Collie is equivalent to 5 normal dogs….





Another moth chronicle

Remember the camo moth from the mudroom this summer? (Original blog post, here.)




I thought that he was the coolest thing on wings — until my friend Hunter shared this pix:


Rosy moth


Actually, photo credit goes to Hunter’s husband, Chris, who spotted this in their yard. (The moth appears to be humping a less flashy mate).

The sherbet-shaded insect is a Rosy Maple. Or Dryocampa rubicunda, for you entomology geeks. Google says that this species usually flutters around northern states (like Wisconsin) and southern ones (including Florida).

This one detoured to Maryland, to get it on.