Bathroom Renovation: After the Dust Settles

Drumroll please.

The kid/guest/hall bathroom no longer looks like this:

And it doesn’t looks like this either:

Renovations are complete and the finished product looks like this:

Cayden, acting out a bath

I dig it. Rarely do I gush over decor or design, but I love the tiles. On an overcast day, the floor tiles take on a blue-gray hue, but on a sunny day they look like the sky, skimmed by thin clouds. (Thank you Camille, for guidance and input.)

The color scheme has a beachy feel, but who doesn’t like the beach?  In this crazy house — with kids constantly nipping at your heels — a trip to the bathroom should feel like a vacation.

We incorporated a splash of blue accent tiles among the blocky, white subway variety on the shower wall. Otherwise the bathroom is traditional-country, with shoulder-high wainscoting and nickel-brushed, vintage fixtures. The walls are painted butter-cream.

Curtain needed, lest our guests provide a striptease show. 

The renovation was a long slog, capped by one horrifying moment when the workers sealed the white tiles with gray floor grout. Fortunately, Martin noticed the error and they quickly fixed it.

Now, my only gripe is that the bathroom is too pleasant and pristine. I treat it like a museum display, forbidding anyone from christening the toilet or breaking in the bath. This week we’ve washed the kids in the outdoor shower beneath the magnolia tree. They don’t mind but are perplexed when I herd them from their bathroom and shut the door. I don’t think I can use “the grout is still setting,” excuse for much longer.

It’s time to succumb to the first wall scuff and toothpaste rings along the sink top….

(These photos were hastily snapped. Better ones to come.)


As I mentioned yesterday, the hall bathroom is in the midst of an overhaul. New everything.

The walls have been stripped down to the lath. In the process of removal… beneath the forgettable floral design, the guys discovered this lovely wall covering: 
Nice, huh? 
I can’t imagine flossing my teeth and staring at this each day!

Bathroom Rehab

After witnessing the bathtub shed its skin, one tile at a time.

After gazing at toothpaste globs of caulk clinging to the shower wall.

And mapping the evolution of water stains on the ceiling.

After chronicling the sink’s double-leg amputation.

And repeatedly fishing for the broken water faucet knob in a tub of soapy water…

….we’re finally renovating the hall bathroom.

“I can’t believe that the shower wall didn’t fall in,” the contractor marveled on demo day. With just a few taps the tiles rained down like shattered glass.

Now the entire house is bathed in a fine powdery dust. I don’t know how this fall-out managed such a remarkable journey (we have no air ducts) but it’s on every surface in every room.

Unfortunately, I did not snap any “before” photos prior to the sledgehammer session. But I pulled this one from the archives. Circa 2006, in Cayden’s bald-baby stage…. and when the sink still had legs:

You’ll note in the first photograph: a window has been entombed in the shower wall for decades. Before the days of indoor plumbing, this marked the end of the hallway.

The window is here to stay.