Lazy Post: Bucket head


Sorry gang, the blog’s been temporarily suspended due to frigid temps.

It’s partly true; I had a few posts ready to go, but then their relevancy faded. It’s hard to extol the value of a late-night walk when currently, the evening windchill hovers around -12 degrees. No one’s voluntarily strolling around outside.

But, since’s there’s no thaw in the immediate forecast, I may run the content anyway, with a disclaimer.

In the meantime, here are a couple of silly pictures, courtesy of my friend, Hunter. (They are recent but obviously, snapped before Tuesday’s snow.)


There’s not much to say. But who doesn’t like to see an animal with a bucket stuck on her head?

Apparently, “Vanilla” the goat was licking one of the horse’s feed tubs when she hooked a horn.



Happy Friday everyone. Funny Farm will be back in action on Monday.


Lazy Post: Digging




One recent winter afternoon, I caught Brynn digging beneath the evergreen near the silo (nicknamed “the cat tree,” for reasons outlined here).

I understand the appeal: that soft earth is yielding…¬†whether you are shifting soil for kicks.


Or seeking a feline burial plot.

I held my tongue but mentally, warned her with all my might.

Brynnzilla, I would not dig too deep if I were you…






Lazy Post: Winter Prep


This is a lazy post… based only on my writing effort.

There’s nothing lazy about this photo.


Hadley, eyeing the remaining pile


Stacking firewood is a family affair and we’ve still got another cord to go.

But we are ready for wicked weather.




And by my estimation, we’ll be able to see out the windows again in mid-January….