Great Parenting Moments


While wading through my unwieldy collection of unedited photos (current count: 4,512), I stumbled on some memorable parenting moments.

I wouldn’t categorize them as “reckless” but they did trigger consideration.

As in, what were we thinking?

Here are some highlights — or lowlights, depending on your perspective.


Everyone’s happy when there’s a vodka/cranberry in easy reach… (Cayden, age 6 mos)




“Go on, get on the alligator. I’m sure it’s safe.” (Cayden, January 2008)



“Oh, she’s fine, she’ll get up…” (Hadley, Jan 2011)



This was Martin’s transgression — baby misplaced and later found on windowsill. (Brynn, 2011) 



A joint bad decision. Martin did the sheep herding/baby juggling, but I photographed it. (Brynn, 2010) 



And finally, last summer. It seemed like a good idea… 






Lazy Post: Stop reading, start watching


photo by Liz Zander


Yikes, a week gone by and no new Funny Farm post.

Have no fear, a new post is in the works for tomorrow. In the meantime enjoy another stolen image and read — well…


Consider this your virtual bookmark. No homework today. Close that laptop, shut that book and switch on the TV. Go ahead: rot your brain, deaden those cranial cells.

More writing and reading tomorrow.




Lazy Post: Just Because


photo by Liz Zander


This image has zero connection to the farm. But I can fish for a tenuous tie.

It was snapped in Maryland. And our farm is in Maryland. And birds fly around the farm.

Not pelicans, mind you.

And…that’s about it.

Actually, I’m a little tapped-out on the kid pics, so I pillaged Liz Zander’s photo collection. And this one grabbed me.



Correction: Pelicans photographed on Hooper’s Island, on the Chesapeake Bay (not the Eastern Shore). To see more of Liz’s photos, visit her website here.