A new term for insanity



In Australia’s Northern Territory, in Darwin, there’s a term for moodiness spurred by the city’s extreme heat and humidity. During the hottest months — when temperatures and humidity pace one another in the 90s — people “go troppo.” They become aggressive and angry due to the oppressive, sweltering heat.

Well, it’s possible that I’m going troppo due to other weather extremes. Call it snow psychosis: irritability and aggression sparked by excessive amounts of white s&*# falling from the sky.

Or maybe it’s “precipitable peevishness”? It doesn’t help that I’m house-bound with Brynnzilla, who’s on spring break. That’s right, spring break.

So what’s the solution to snow psychosis?

I’m taking a page from the Aussies who live in the Top End. In the past, Darwin has been pegged as the city with the highest per capita beer consumption in the world.

And a six pack sounds like a soothing salve for snow psychosis and tomorrow’s affliction: mud mania.


Scenes from Darwin’s annual Beer Can Regatta



Winter dregs


These are my final snow snaps of the season (I hope) and while they’re a little dated, up they go anyway.

(With yesterday’s summertime temps, it seemed idiotic to post these. But today, not so much).


Ten days ago


The following photos fall into the category of “lessons learned.”

Cayden’s lesson:


Towing your sister across a hayfield and up a ridge — while noble — 




…is a pain in the ass.



Hadley’s lesson (or her message to the world):


Winter is just a state of mind.


Summer fashion need not wait.


Then there’s Brynn’s lesson:

That one’s a wildcard. It has nothing to do with winter.

And everything to do with nuts.

A few days ago while shopping at Home Depot, Martin discovered that Brynnzilla loves peanuts. Martin was preoccupied with his purchase, but eventually noticed that Brynn was snarfing down her handful of peanuts. “I love these,” she announced between bites.

Martin observed her silently before offering a bit of advice:

“You might love them more if you take the shells off first and eat just the nuts…”




When winter won’t quit



Okay, no time for introspection; I want to load this post before the power cuts out and the internet flashes its “unable to connect” message again.

We are in the midst of a dramatic temperature change: a 50-degree dip in mere hours. Adios, 70 degrees; hello 22. And what’s powering this weather front? Howling wind punctuated by 55 mile-per-hour gusts.

Fifty-five — it’s not just a highway speed. This evening 55 smashed a porch chair to smithereens. Fifty five blew in the barn windows and tore a generous bite from Martin’s office roof.


The roaring racket of fluttering tin lured us from the house; and in the fading light, Martin mounted a ladder and valiantly attempted to tack down the loose roof. But the billowing tin nearly yanked him from perch… nearly sent him airborne. It was scary — watching him cling desperately to the office top, struggling to ride out the wind’s clutches. When it finally receded, he scrambled down and leaned against the wall, shaking.

The roofing? It’s all yours, we told the wind.

And as for this winter? I have just one word: